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Loan to Learn now offers Paperless E-Statements which are the easiest, safest and fastest way to receive your monthly billing statements from Loan to Learn. By signing up for Paperless E-Statements through our My Account service you can help protect the planet, lower your risk of identity theft and reduce clutter. Sign up today and make your account Green!
New My Account Introduction

Introducing the New My Account

The new and improved My Account is here! Enroll today and start enjoying the new features and enhancements.

What's New

  • Ability to save bank account information for one-time payments
  • Ability to set future payment date and cancel pending one-time payments
  • Ability to receive e-mail notifications for payment due and statement availability
  • Improved performance and additional information
  • Now Available: Ability to go green with Paperless E-Statements

Existing My Account Customers

If you were enrolled in My Account before July 29, 2011, you must re-enroll in the new My Account in order to continue to have online access to your account.  Learn more.
Year 2015 Tax Information

IRS Form 1098-E was mailed to the account's primary borrower January 22, 2016. Please note that the form was addressed from EduCap Inc.
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My Account Sign In

IMPORTANT: If you were enrolled in My Account prior to July 29, 2011, you must re-enroll to use the new My Account (why?).

My Account Enrollment

If you are new to My Account OR if you were enrolled prior to July 29, 2011, you must complete the new My Account enrollment.

Enroll My Account

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For more information about the new My Account, visit the new My Account Frequently Asked Questions page.